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drenaje polución


Belo Horizonte-Brasil (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)

1st Joint Meeting of the IWA Diffuse Pollution and Urban Drainage Specialist Groups

· Integrated watershed management;
· Strategies for diffuse pollution control;
· Pollution loading from urban areas;
· Impact from agricultural activities;
· Pesticide contamination;
· Planning, design and operation of urban drainage systems;
· GIS-based techniques;
· Watershed modeling;
· Models for nutrient loading;
· Heavy metal contamination
· Highway runoff and road surface pollutants;
· Assessing and abating Combined Sewer Overflows ;
· Pollution monitoring;
· Ecotoxicology of diffuse pollution;
· Eutrophication;
· Groundwater pollution;
· Water quality of rivers, lakes and reservoirs;
· Forest watershed;
· Acid rain and atmospheric deposition;
Education, history, public participation and social issues;

E-mail: rb.gmfu.ased@odraude

E-mail: rb.gmfu.rhe@noolin

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