Publicado: 11/08/2007
Inicio: 29/08/2007
Fin: 01/09/2007
Uso sostenible del Agua, crecimiento ilimitado, calidad de vida


Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa - Tucson, AZ , Arizona, U.S.A

This symposium will offer the best of both worlds:

a broad regional meeting and discussion forum, focusing on the viability of water resources in the Southwest; and
the 20th Annual AHS Symposium, featuring the stimulating technical sessions and water experts that are an AHS trademark.
Join water managers, urban planners, technologists, hydrologists, environmentalists, researchers, developers, and agency personnel for two days of lively discussion at La Paloma Resort at the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains. Optional 1/2-day and 1-day workshops and field trips are also offered.

Contacto: Sociedad Hidrológica de Arizona
Temas del Agua: Agricultura, Ambiental, Concienciación, Doméstico y Urbano, Educación
Tópicos: Evento Mayor
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