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New Delhi, India

IInd world Aqua Congress aims to discuss “Global Climate Change and Water Resources”. The conference will focus on the current practices adopted and evolving guidelines for future. Global Warming is of great concern worldwide today. The consequences of Global warming can be seen everywhere and there are various serious concerns related to this issue:

Average temperatures will rise, as will the frequency of heat waves.
Warmer temperatures could also increase the probability of drought. Greater evaporation, particularly during summer and fall, could exacerbate drought conditions and increase the risk of wildfires
Warmer temperatures increase the energy of the climatic system and lead to more intense rainfall at times in some areas
More frequent and more intensive heat waves could result in more heat-related deaths. These conditions could also aggravate local air quality problems
Warmer water in the oceans pumps more energy into tropical storms, making them more intense and potentially more destructive.
Rising global temperatures will speed the melting of glaciers and ice caps, and cause early ice thaw on rivers and lakes
Consequences include loss of coastal wetlands and barrier islands, and a greater risk of flooding in coastal communities
The increase in global temperatures is expected to disrupt ecosystems and result in loss of species diversity, as species that cannot adapt die off.
IInd World Aqua congress will provide a common platform to decision makers, policy and law makers, users, technology providers, service providers, and stake holders.

E-mail: gro.ssergnocauqadlrow@caw

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